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Grant Funding to Help New and Existing Exporters

The Department of International Trade (DIT) has launched its new Internationalisation Fund for businesses in Yorkshire and the Humber. The Fund, which is co-financed by the government and European Regional Development Fund is designed to help SMEs maximize their business opportunities in the international market. You can claim the Employment Allowance if your employer Class 1 National Insurance liability were less than £100,000 in the previous tax year. If you Match-funded grants of between £1,000 and £9,000 are available to both new entrants into the export trade and existing exporters. The funding can be used to support a range of activity including market research, intellectual property advice, translation services, internal social media, trade fairs, independent markets, consultancy and other international commercial services. The local DIT trade office for Yorkshire and the Humber are available to advise on developing your export plans and making an application to the Internationalisation Fund. For more information and contact details, please go to

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