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Making Tax Digital is coming. Let us help you prepare for it.

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Cloud Computing Packages

Our business support team is trained in using Xero and Sage cloud packages.

Cloud computing is the delivery of computing services over the Internet “the cloud” which has advantages. Your data is accessible wherever you or your staff are so you can keep up to date on the move.  We can also access your data to help with bookkeeping queries and to monitor your performance.  As the data is not stored on your computer you can rest in the knowledge a computer failure will not result in lost data.

As your business grows you need not worry about computer storage space as that is taken care of as are software updates which happen automatically.

We can supply subscriptions for you to keep your own records or we can take care of the bookkeeping for you. We offer one to one training sessions at a competitive price. We want you to feel confident you are doing things right from the start and, for those transactions you are just not sure how to deal with, our business support team is there to help you throughout the year.

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Help with Making Tax Digital (MTD)

We use Cloud packages as our in-house solution for MTD as here at Shepherd Partnership we take our environmental policy seriously and use Cloud Computing ourselves as it produces less paper, reducing our carbon footprint, with the added benefit of giving us an efficient and flexible accounting solution.

Cloud packages are fully compatible with MTD which makes them an ideal record keeping solution for VAT registered businesses and for when MTD for Income Tax becomes mandatory from 2026.

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