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A reminder about the Farming in Protected Landscapes Programme

Farming in protected landscapes is a grant programme for farmers and land managers in National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The scheme runs until March 2024.

This forms part of the government’s Agriculture Transition Plan designed to enable farmers and land managers to apply for grants to support projects to prepare for the move to the Environmental Land Management scheme in 2024.

The programme is offering grants to pay for projects which meet at least one of the outcomes in the four themes: climate, nature, people and place.

You could get up to 100% of the costs of a project if you will not make a commercial gain from it but if you will then a proportion of the costs will be funded. The amount will depend on how much the project will benefit your business.

If you are in the Yorkshire Dales you can contact one of the Farming in Protected Landscape Officers who can help with suggestions and advice.

Or you can email them at

General information about the scheme can be found on GOV.UK.

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