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Claiming Tax Credits and working hours have not returned to pre-pandemic levels?

If you are claiming Tax Credits and your working hours have not returned to pre-pandemic levels you may need to take action now

HMRC have issued a reminder that that Working Tax Credit (WTC) claimants who previously did not need to tell them about reductions to their working hours as a result of coronavirus now only have until 25 November 2021 to be back to their pre-pandemic normal working hours.  

If you do not intend to return to the required number of hours you need to work to be entitled to WTC by 25 November 2021, you must tell HMRC straight away.

After 25 November 2021, if you are not back to working enough hours to be entitled to WTC you must tell them within one month.  

The Credit Guidance has been criticised for being confusing so if you have any doubt whether you need to report a change, please get in touch.

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