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Farming News: 2023 Basic Payment claims

Article Shared from Farmers Guardian:

Farmers and land managers in England who submitted 2023 basic payment claims will soon start to receive the first instalment of their money.

The Rural Payments Agency (RPA) will pay farmers with eligible Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) applications in two instalments this year.

An advance payment of around 50% of the claim value will be paid from 1 August – and the second, balance payment from 1 December.

The NFU expects the agency to issue most advance BPS payments over a tighter period in August compared with last year.

The union has urged all eligible applicants to ensure their bank details are updated to avoid any delays to payment.

It has also warned members to stay vigilant of fraudsters, especially cold callers, who have targeted farmers receiving support payments.

All claims will be reduced in value again this year as part of Defra’s agricultural transition and phased withdrawal of the BPS.

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