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Happy news regarding our Managing Director, Adam Dutton

Adam Dutton, our MD, has been through a very difficult time of late, but we're very happy to be able to share a positive outcome with you.

Firstly, the background information...

Last October, Adam learned he had throat cancer, a diagnosis which was obviously a terrible shock to him, his family, friends, and all of us who work with him.

Late last year Adam commenced a 7 week intensive course of radiotherapy and chemotherapy in Leeds.

As treatment progressed, Adam (very reluctantly!) had to take a bit of time away from his desk, but continued to work from home, and was back in the office much sooner than we would've expected under the circumstances!

In the weeks and months following his treatment, he focused on regaining his strength and fitness, and getting back to a normal working pattern.

And now for the happy news...

The anxiously awaited scan and follow-up appointment took place recently... and with much emotion and relief, we're thrilled to say that the scan was clear; no sign of cancerous cells.

This has obviously been an awful time, but Adam has remained characteristically positive and pragmatic throughout.

He would like to offer his utmost appreciation and thanks for the support, understanding and kind words that he has received.

As a side effect of treatment, Adam's vocal chords have been slightly damaged. For the time being, don't be concerned if he sounds a bit gravelly when you speak to him.

Looking to the future... As many of you know, Adam is a keen runner. He's now back in his trainers, gradually building strength, and is training to take part in this year's Great North Run. This isn't unusual (he competes in the GNR every year)… however this year, he will be running with a particular incentive - to raise money and awareness for a cancer charity. Please keep an eye out for details, which we will share as soon as they become available. Thanks for reading, and thank you again for all the support.

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