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Household Support Fund

North Yorkshire County Council has been provided with funding to help struggling families over the winter months. Those eligible can get two Household Support Fund e-voucher payment of £125 each.

More funding is also going to the North Yorkshire Local Assistance Fund (NYLAF), Warm and Well in North Yorkshire and local food banks.

To be eligible you must have means-tested help to pay your council tax and have a child under the age of 19 living at home. If you are eligible you should have been sent a letter. There is a form you will need to complete at To get your first voucher in time for Christmas you need to fill in the application form by 17 December 2021.

If you think you are eligible but you haven’t received a letter, you can fill in the form and you should select the ‘I’ve lost my letter’ option or by contacting North Yorkshire County Council who will check your eligibility.

It was announced in October’s Budget that the government will legislate to make these payments exempt from Income Tax.

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