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New rules for company names under the Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Act

Companies House are running stronger checks on Company names which give a false or misleading impression to the public. 

An application to register a name can be rejected where it is believed:

  • The name is intended to facilitate fraud. 

  • The name is comprised of or contains a computer code. 

  • The name is likely to give the false impression the company is connected to a foreign government or an international organisation whose members include two or more countries or territories (or their governments) 

Companies House can also direct companies to change their name. If a company fails to change its name within 28 days, they can now determine a new name for the company, for example, changing the company name to its registered company number. 

Companies House can also suppress a name from the register while a company responds to a direction to change its name. 

These changes have been introduced under the Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Act.

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