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Pilot project to support directors with cyber security risk

The UK government has commissioned Arculus Ltd, a cyber security consultancy, to undertake a pilot project to support directors of UK organisations to improve how they govern cyber security risk. The research will inform government policy, which seeks to improve the cyber resilience of organisations and better protect the UK economy and society. Organisations can participate by contacting:

Arculus is seeking participants for the pilot project from organisations of all sizes and sectors. Participants will be asked to implement proposed cyber governance principles within their organisation and provide feedback on their experience. Participants can expect to complete a questionnaire to assess the cyber maturity of their organisation at the beginning and end of the project and attend several online sessions to discuss their feedback.

The government and Arculus can give the following reassurances about the research:

  • Taking part is totally confidential and voluntary for all individuals and organisations.

  • The questionnaire is not technical and participants do not need any specific IT knowledge.

Who can take part?

Directors of organisations across the UK can participate in this pilot project. Department for Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT) and Arculus have an interest in engaging organisations from a range of sectors and in a range of sizes.

Within these organisations, Arculus is inviting directors, non-executive directors, and senior leaders with responsibility for governing cyber security risk to participate. In some organisations this might be a specific individual or Head of Department, while in other organisations it might be the business owner or charity trustees.


Organisations will be working with Arculus from early January until early March 2024. A report on the findings will be published on Organisations who have taken part in the pilot project will not be identifiable in the report.

Your data

Arculus have compiled a privacy notice relating to use of personal data on this project.

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