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Share your views on bTB: Consultation on targeted culling with increased use of badger vaccination

Defra has launched a consultation setting out proposals for the next phase of badger TB control policy, which are part of delivering the next phase of the Government’s bovine TB eradication strategy.

While the majority of disease control measures focus on cattle, the 5-week consultation proposes retaining badger culling as an option in targeted parts only of the High-Risk Area and Edge Area, where there are high levels of infection in cattle, and where evidence suggests badgers are part of the problem in the spread of disease to these herds.

The consultation also seeks views on proposals to reduce the administrative burden placed on farming groups delivering badger culling and vaccination, as well as options for publishing additional information about animal and herd level bTB risk on the ibTB interactive mapping tool, to help those purchasing cattle to better manage risks when sourcing new stock.

Share your views before the consultation closes on Monday 22 April.

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