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Slurry Infrastructure grant announcement

Applications for the new Slurry Infrastructure grant will open on 6 December 2022. To help you prepare, DEFRA have published the full grant guidance on GOV.UK.

The guidance explains what the grant offers, the scheme rules and how to apply. It also includes resources to help farmers plan their storage and information for Local Planning Authorities. The grant will help livestock farmers in England to improve or expand their slurry storage capacity to 6 months, based on existing livestock numbers. It will also fund the fitting of impermeable covers on grant-funded stores. The Slurry Infrastructure grant is part of the Farming Investment Fund.

A DEFRA webinar on the Slurry Infrastructure grant will take place on Wednesday 7 December 2022. You'll be able to put your questions to the policy leads during the session. Please register here to attend.

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