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What has changed in the funding of social care?

Back in 2021 it was announced that social care in England was to be reformed.

The original proposals included a cap on how much an individual would be required to spend on personal care costs over their lifetime. This was set at £86,000. However, please note this limit is for care only and does not include the cost of accommodation and food.

The capital thresholds for means-tested social care funding were also to be increased. The upper capital limit was to be increased from £23,250 to £100,000 and the lower limit to £20,000 from £14,250. These limits effect the amount an individual contributes towards the cost of the care.

What has now changed is when this is set to be introduced. It has been delayed two years and instead of being introduced in October 2023 as originally planned, it has been proposed that the new rules will not take effect until October 2025.

Further information can be found on Age UK's website.

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