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What you need to do if you think you have claimed a SEISS Grant in error

What you need to do if you think you have claimed a Self-Employment Income Support (SEISS) Grant in error

You must tell HMRC if, when you made the claim, you were not eligible for the grant. For example:

  • for the first or second grant, your business was not adversely affected

  • for the third, fourth or fifth grant, your business had not been impacted by reduced activity, capacity or demand or inability to trade in the relevant periods

  • you did not intend to continue to trade

  • you’ve incorporated your business

If you are not eligible you will need to pay the grant back and you must tell HMRC within 90 days of receiving the grant. If you do not, you might be charged a penalty.

If you are concerned that you might have claimed in error, more information is available on Please contact us for advice if you think this applies to you.

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