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Free ACAS webinars

ACAS (The Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service) offer free webinars with some useful content for business owners. Here are details, taken from the ACAS website, of some of their upcoming webinars:

Improving mental health in the workplace This Acas event organised in partnership with HSE will provide insight into mental health in the workplace. Delegates attending this webinar will gain increased understanding of mental health and the different ways employers can provide support to employees in the workplace.

The session will also include expert advice from HSE on work-related stress. 6 July 2pm-3pm

Managing a fair disciplinary procedure This webinar will provide you and your managers with a valuable opportunity to see some of the key elements that go into creating a fair disciplinary process. We will include guidance on investigations, hearings and appeals.

 Acas wrote the Code of Practice on Discipline and Grievance. Attending this event will give you the opportunity to ask questions of Acas advisers during the session. 18 July 2pm-3pm

Strikes and industrial action: support for employers Over 2.4 million working days were lost due to strikes between June and December in 2022.

Workplace disputes can and do happen. Join this webinar to find out how disputes can be resolved effectively to minimise risk of strikes taking place and how to work with trade unions effectively. The event will cover:

  • Internal dispute resolution

  • How Acas can help resolve disputes

  • Employee rights and protections

  • What happens to pay, benefits, and leave when a strike happens

20 July 10am - 11am

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